Grease Trap Services in Spokane, WA

Grease Trap Services

Tri-County Septic And Grease Trap Solutions serves the needs of home and business owners throughout Spokane, WA. We’re the area’s trusted source for grease interceptor and tank and trap cleanings, repairs, pumping, maintenance and 24-hour emergency services. Our number one job is to ensure that your septic tank grease trap systems are properly maintained and always functional. Contact us today to schedule service.

The Expert in Septic Tank Grease Traps

Once it goes down the drain, we don’t want to worry about it anymore. Unfortunately, when it comes to grease trap services and septic tanks, without a little routine care and maintenance, the things we send down the drain could come back to give us trouble. Tri-County Septic And Grease Trap Solutions is here to see that they don’t. Through routine grease trap cleaning and septic tank pumping, we keep Spokane, WA home and business owners protected against problems that can arise from under-maintained installations. Consider us your all-in-one tank and trap experts!

For septic systems, we do just about everything in the realm of maintenance, cleaning and repairs. Call us out to pump your tank or lift system and clean it. While we’re on-site, we’ll do an inspection and make sure it’s in proper working order. If there’s a problem, we’ll fix it—including damaged baffles, riser rings, lids and more. We can even locate your buried lid to make sure your tank is easily serviceable. Our services are the first line of defense against blockages, backups and septic failure—all costly problems worth avoiding!

For commercial businesses in Spokane, WA, grease trap services and pumping is one call away. We’ll pump your trap to prevent problems caused by insoluble buildups, then clean it out to ensure proper function and performance. If there’s any damage to the trap, count on us to fix it right, so you can get back to business quickly. We serve restaurants, grocery stores and any other facilities relying on a septic tank grease trap.

Tri-County Septic And Grease Trap Solutions is proud to be the authority on tank and trap services, and the only call you need to make for reliable service. When it comes to septic systems and grease interceptors, we know there’s no room for error. Schedule service today!

  • We specialize in septic tank grease trap services and solutions and septic system repair and maintenance.
  • Our service capabilities extend to both homeowners and commercial businesses.
  • Have an emergency? We’re available 24 hours a day to provide emergency services.
  • We’ve been a licensed and insured business since 1993, backed by hardworking pros!
  • Ask us about discounts for multi-neighbor jobs (same-day, same neighborhood service).

Grease and Septic Solutions

Grease trap interceptors and septic tanks need a careful hand when it comes to service and maintenance. Call us today and get quick, controlled service, to keep these essential systems working right.
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