Septic Tank Services in Spokane, WA

Your septic system shouldn’t be something you think about daily. It should work flawlessly in the background, needing only minor maintenance occasionally. To avoid the need for costly, frequent septic tank services and keep your system in good condition, choose Tri-County Septic And Grease Trap Solutions for septic tank cleaning, maintenance, and repair. We serve the needs of homeowners throughout Spokane, WA.

  • Septic tank cleaning: Your septic tank needs routine cleaning, including septic tank pumping for sludge, cleaning the baffle filter and rebalancing levels. We’re able to clean your tank in regular intervals based on tank size, household size, usage and more. We help our customers stay on track with routine septic tank services like cleaning.
  • Septic system repairs: Spokane, WA customers know to call us when they need septic tank repair because of our experience in fixing most issues—including damaged baffles and covers. We’ll assess the problem and make sure the best solution is put in place.
  • Pump and clean lift stations: If your property has a lift station, rest assured we can pump and clean it! You don’t have to worry about calling a specialty septic contractor or another service—let us know and we’ll arrive on-site, ready to pump and clean your lift station.
  • Riser Ring Installation: Because of their proximity to the surface, riser rings tend to become damaged or degraded with time. If yours are showing signs of damage or problems are uncovered during routine septic tank pumping and service, we’ll gladly repair them for you.
  • Baffle repairs: Damaged septic tank baffles can quickly amount to problems. Solids in your absorption system and clogs are just a couple of the problems we can help prevent with proper baffle repairs.
  • Locate and dig lids: Not sure where your septic tank’s inlet is located? We can locate and dig down to lids to ensure the tank is properly serviced.

Septic issues are never convenient

When they happen after normal business hours, know you can call on us for emergency septic tank services and septic tank pumping. Tri-County Septic And Grease Trap Solutions responds to calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Reach us directly at 509-926-9361 to schedule a service appointment for your septic tank or grease trap.
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